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Success - Positively Ponies

We celebrate success each month with our members. Through certificates of achievement and opportunities to demonstrate learning and improvement. Success isn't just a test score, we understand our members needs as individuals and ensure there is a variety of activities suited to all, each and every month. Achievement also improves confidence and self-esteem

Through understanding and knowledge comes confidence and each month we cover different horse care topics, highlighting the need for  compassion and commitment in the care of our equine friends. Covering horse care topics we also promote learning alongside numeracy and literacy.  

The supportive and structured learning environment provides visible steps to success for members. Each of our activities is differentiated for members of varying ages and abilities making them suitable for younger children, those with SEND requirements as well as members who may have more advanced knowledge or understanding of some topics.  

Growth mindset for children

Growth mindset is the knowledge that you have the ability to develop and learn, and with practice you can achieve. Anything is possible with a growth mindset. This is absolutely essential for our children, as it enables resilience, motivation and happiness.  

Life can be stressful, and as a young person it can be difficult to understand and cope with difficult situations and emotions. Through mindfulness and cognitive behavioural techniques and exercises we can develop effective coping strategies and help find calm and quiet for hectic minds.

Self-esteem is belief in yourself. Every parent wants their child to feel valued for their abilities and strengths, not just by others, but to hold this belief in themselves too.  Alongside, mindset and confidence, self-esteem enables members to  achieve whatever they want. 

Half of mental ill health starts by age 15 and 75% develops by age 18.


About 20% of young people with mental ill health wait more than six months to receive care from a specialist.

Daisy is our Team Positively Ponies mascot and guide. Along with her friends in the Positively Ponies Team, she guides your child through a range of activities to build confidence, self-esteem and master a positive growth mindset. She has the honour of being our oldest therapy horse who has helped many young people improve their lives over the years and she continues to do so here too. 

Positively Ponies is a membership for ALL young people. Our equine assisted learning programme has been proven over the past decade using the same activities and methodology as our in-person programme and alternative provisions for schools. It is exciting to now be able to bring this to you, any where and any time across the globe. 

Working with horses provides a mirror to our emotions and requires calm and focus to achieve goals. Positively Ponies enables everyone to have the best opportunities to learn and develop.

Positively Ponies encourages not only care and kindness to others, but also self-care and wellness. Additionally, the emotional connection we experience with horses has a calming effect for all children, in particular those with learning or behavioural difficulties. Equally we all need calm and space to understand our emotions, and to learn this from a young age is extremely important. 

Our structured programme of learning provides visible steps to success for students. Learning is modelled and achievable, especially important for those who are anxious, impatient and lack self-confidence to learn.

Learning achieved through horses is a valuable experience that can be successfully replicated in other aspects of life. Positively Ponies monthly activities are educational as well as confidence building. 

Positively Ponies Equine Assisted Learning

Positively Ponies 

Is the monthly membership for all young people who love horses and for parents who want their child to develop a positive growth mindset, as well as coping strategies, mental health and wellbeing for life.

Each month includes: 

  • Horse and pony care topics which can be accessed at anytime. With a variety of video, audio, downloadable worksheets, quizzes and activities.
  • Activities to encourage growth mindset and positive emotional development and wellbeing. 
  • Opportunities to demonstrate learning, structured to build confidence as well as recognition through certificates of achievement and awards. 
  • Interactive community within the course, fully moderated and only accessible by parents and children members within the course itself.
  • Accessible by computer or via tablet or mobile and fully secure only accessed by members and our staff team. 
  • Parent information and resource area which explains the learning objectives and rationale behind each month's learning - and how to best support your child. 
  • Activities are suitable for age 7+ approx and up, with parental support. For older or more able children they can work through the modules unsupported as we clearly signpost from one activity to the next. 
  • Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), including Autism and neurodiversity are welcomed, as well as those who may be struggling with psychological and behavioural difficulties.
  • No horse required!
    Some members may just love horses, some may ride at their local riding school and others may own their own horses. Everyone with a passion for horses is welcome!

Lucy Mundy, MSc, BSc (hons) 

Founder of Rider Success Academy and creator of the Equestion learning app. Lucy is an experienced educator, coach and psychologist. Holding equine qualifications as well as a Masters degree in psychology, she has helped many young people through coaching and equine assisted therapy. Passionate about promoting confidence and self-esteem and the importance of mental health for young people, Lucy brings over twenty years teaching experience from owning a successful riding school and equine assisted therapy centre.  As well as teaching and assessing students for equine qualifications, she has designed and managed alternative educational provisions for schools, local authorities and charities. Lucy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge having worked with some of the most challenging and troubled children and young adults. In this online programme you will find an interactive and nurturing environment for any young person interested in horses. 

Lucy is passionate about education and improving wellbeing for young people and to support this programme, she is joined by a team of young mentors with whom young people can relate and interact with throughout the programme:

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