Mindfulness for Riders: Rider Success and confidence with horse

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Join us for a unique six-week mindfulness mastery course designed especially for riders of all disciplines and abilities.

Be guided through the practice of mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your riding and everyday life.

Using evidence-based psychological methodologies, this course combines mindfulness practice with cognitive behavioural approaches to help you have a better understanding of how your mind works and how to make the positive changes you want in your riding and in your life.   

"Studies show mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety, has physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure and reduced chronic pain. It improves sleep, gives clarity and mood."

Mindfulness is well-recognised in mainstream psychology as an effective way to cope with the stresses of life. Research has continued to grow in recent years, and has led to many successful evidence-based ways to apply mindfulness to many different problems that we struggle with in our day to day lives, and riding is no exception.  Over this six-week course you be guided through a series of both formal and informal mindfulness practices, as well as mindfulness based cognitive behavioural workshops. Access materials to fit with your schedule, whenever and wherever you are, including from mobile devices. Ask questions and access your instructor throughout, join our weekly live coaching groups in the exclusive community. 

C O N F I D E N C E 

Find your confidence again (or for the first time) with our combined cognitive behavioural and mindfulness approach especially for riders.

C O N N E C T I O N 

Help your horse by leading and responding to any situation in the most effective ways. Being truly present allows more opportunities to listen and learn.


Control your fears and learn to stay calm and in control, whatever you are doing - at home or competing. Utilise the best stress antidote - calm. 

"I would really worry about my horse spooking and something going wrong. Now I can control my response and take control of my mind in any situation."

 - Julia, United Kingdom

Confidence Delivered.  

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