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Rider Fitness | 8 Essential Stretches for all Riders with Physiotherapist, Elizabeth Rourke

Chartered Physiotherapist, Elizabeth Rourke, MSc, BSc (hons) guides you through 8 essential stretches for all horse riders. In only FIVE minutes a day you can make a real difference to your riding.  Elizabeth has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Physiotherapist assisting her patients with rehabilitation and pain management.

As riders, so often we suffer from countless aches and pains. We are always the first to call the Equine Physio or therapist to check our horses and keep them performing in tip top condition, but so often we forget the importance of keeping...

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Coaching and taking imperfect action with Sarah Elebert | Podcast #7

 Podcast show notes episode #7 

In today's episode of the podcast we speak to Sarah Elebert of Elebert Equine, Irish Event Rider and coach. We talk coaching, Sarah’s new online venture Equicoach Online, and how everyone can benefit from coaching, whatever your goals and at whatever level you are riding at. 

It is so easy to keep waiting for that perfect time to start competing or the right time to move up a level, or indeed to be at a certain standard before getting a coach to help you progress, and we talk about the importance of taking ‘Imperfect Action -...

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Story of Skye: horses as our teacher with Bea Simpson | Podcast #4


Podcast Notes Episode #4

Today, I would like to welcome to the podcast Bea Simpson. Bea is an equestrian coach and trainer with a background in leadership and management development.  Her passion is helping people and horses to become the very best version of themselves. Bea runs Spirit in Stirrups and trains and coaches, as well as facilitating equine assisted learning.

Bea shares her story about a very special horse called Skye. Skye taught Bea so many lessons in their time together and this is their story. Bea was busy coaching and training others and not really thinking about...

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