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Rider Psychology | Rider Success Podcast Episode #1

podcast rider psychology May 24, 2020

Rider Success Podcast Episode #1 - Show Notes 

Hello, I’m Lucy Mundy and welcome to the Rider Success Podcast. A really big thank you to all the wonderful people who have been encouraging me to get this podcast up and running. So pleased to have brought it to life and I really appreciate you taking the time to join me here today.

 The focus of the rider success podcast is to inspire, educate and motivate you…

To inspire you we will be meeting some amazing equestrians, sharing their real life stories –

…discussing their riding, their careers and their horses. A real variety of people who have made horses their life’s passion.  We will get up close and personal, finding out how they achieved their own individual success –  from competitive riders from dressage and jumping as well as those who ride in some more unusual disciplines …. And  those who have made a difference to people’s lives through their work with horses… they’ll be here giving us some inspiration to pursue our own ideas of success.

 To educate – we will be speaking to equine experts, professionals in their field - from nutrition, tack and equipment to rider and horse health and fitness, as well as behaviour and communication experts– and they will be sharing their knowledge and giving us some great advice to put into action for ourselves, our riding and our horses.

To motivate to you, we will be looking at how to reach your equestrian goals -  in and out of the saddle, coping with those inevitable obstacles that come your way, dealing with setbacks, fears and issues in confidence. And so much more, and I look forward to you joining me on this journey. 

Today, I will be telling you a little bit about my ‘why’ behind ‘the rider success podcast’ and what has inspired me to be here with you today. but most importantly … we’ll be looking at your ‘why’s’ … and finding your biggest motivation, to help you stay on track... And as you move forwards toward your goals, motivation will of course, come and go, but when you find YOUR biggest ‘why’ you will maintain your determination and won’t allow yourself to quit.  

As you may already know, I am the creator of the equestrian learning app – Equestion. Which is a horse care manual with a difference, it’s a huge resource of information, covering horse care and riding knowledge. The app is used by riders, horse owners, students and unlike your everyday stable management book it is interactive and really helps you learn. Used by riders all around the world, especially students taking equine qualifications because we have worked in all the learning to fit into those main exam syllabus. If you haven’t tried Equestion out already, head over to your App Store and give it a go - it helps make learning about horses engaging, fun and just so much easier and there’s always something new to learn – what ever your level.


As a Masters educated psychologist, specialist rider psychology coach, equine assisted therapist and instructor, I transitioned from running a successful equine assisted therapy and riding centre here in the UK, to focus on my teaching online and being able to reach people all across the world. So, as much as I am passionate about horses, I am extremely passionate about people, and making people’s lives happier and more fulfilling – both in and out of the saddle. It inspires me to see people making progress and reaching their goals and overcome fears and obstacles that have held them back for too long. I created this podcast to help share my knowledge and experience, to help you find your own rider success too, and with the added bonus of some wonderful guests sharing their amazing stories, you are sure to motivated and inspired.


We are so privileged to be living at a time that allows us this connection and communication using modern technology and I am grateful to be able to speak to you today, where ever you are right now in the world.  

Of course, whilst practical experience with horses is essential to becoming a good horse person and as much as, time in the saddle is needed to practice and improve our riding, there is so much more we can do away from the stable yard to help make the most of the time with our horses… and to enjoy this time to the full.


If you are someone who really wants to make improvements in your riding… if you are someone with hopes and dreams and achievements in mind, but you just keep finding there is always something stopping you from achieving that success… then you are in the right place and this series of rider success psychology episodes is going to be invaluable to you….we are going to get started today. Because there is no time like the present!


Firstly, I want you to think specifically about what do you want to achieve… I want you to

Be very clear with yourself as to the specific riding or equestrian achievement you have in mind. If we are going hit our goals, we want to be clear about exactly what that looks like -  and we need to be specific enough, so most importantly, we know when we actually hit our goal.


For example, instead of saying – I want to improve my riding, be really specific, such as – I want to ride a Novice dressage test in an affiliated competition. Or instead of ‘I don’t want to be nervous riding out’ –say ‘I want to hack around my local ride, feeling in control and relaxed.

Can you see how being really specific gives you something to aim for and you’ll most definitely know when you’ve achieved it. Also try making the goal a positive statement too, so instead of focusing on the negative, such as being nervous – aim for the positive such as gaining control and relaxation.


I want you to take a few moments to really feel how wonderful it will be, experience in every detail what that achievement looks like, feels like, really imagine yourself in that place you want to be- How great is the feeling of that achievement? - just stay in that moment until you are ready to get working on a few more of the details…


Are you feeling motivated yet? Are you ready to make a mental shift that is going to get you to that place you want to be?


Now I want to ask you, Why do you want to achieve this goal?


This may sound like a very simple question, you may even wonder why I am asking you! but believe me, answering this question is so important to maintaining your motivation in the long run.  Nothing worth having is easy and we have to be fully prepared for when the going gets tough!


To begin with, you may think you know the reasons why you want to reach this goal, but these sometimes superficial reasons aren’t always enough to keep us going in the long run… I’m going to share with you a little exercise that will help you to find that deep down reason ‘why’ you want to achieve your goals. This ‘why’ is part of who you are, it’s part of your values and identity as a person, so it is pretty important.   


It can be quite tricky to really delve deep and think of these reasons inside of you, so try to spend a little quiet time to consider your answers.  You can go along to www.ridersuccessacademy.com  where you can download your very own “Rider Success Action Plan” ebook. There’s a variety of goal setting tasks and planners in there and as well as this exercise we will go through right now, you will find a whole goal hitting success plan inside of your ebook.

But don’t worry if you want some extra guidance, as I’ll be taking you through the other exercises in upcoming episodes! If you want to get in touch in the meantime, ask any questions please send me a message and I’ll be happy to personally respond.


If you want to pause and grab your ebook now and follow along, that’s great, otherwise find some quiet time to work your way through this exercise later on… you’ll see the ‘Find your Why’ exercise right at the very beginning.


We are firstly going to write down our goal, just as we discussed earlier – be really clear and specific, and think about each of your answers. I’m going to take you through a couple of examples.

So the first question to answer is…

“What do you want to achieve in your riding?”

Our example rider is showjumper with aspirations of jumping in a meter class.

So her answer is:

 “I want to compete in a local show jumping competition in the 1m class”


Which is a really great goal, but we need to keep questioning each reason why and delve a little deeper… We will now ask her….

Why is it important to you to compete in a SJ competition?”

‘Because I want to show other people what me and my horse can achieve’

We then delve want even deeper… Why is it important to show other people what you can achieve?”

Because I have worked really hard schooling him and training for a long time and we have put a lot of effort in.

So Why is it important to work really hard at schooling and training?

Because It makes me feel like I am good at something and have a purpose.

So Why is it important to be good at something?

Because I struggled at school and was bullied, and never felt I could achieve anything worthwhile.
So why is it important to achieve something worthwhile?

Because it makes me feel confident as a person, it makes me happier and boosts my self-esteem. I feel good!


We have now found her deepest and most intrinsic reason ‘why’ – as you can see there is so much more for our rider than simply wanting to jump her meter class. And it shows us how our passion for riding can influence our whole life. By working through these layers, being really honest with ourselves, we often find that there is really deep-rooted reasons behind our actions and aspirations, these are aligned with our personality, our past experiences and values as a person. When we reach a level of understanding that really touches us emotionally, that emotional connection to our goals is what helps to spur us on when everyday motivation fluctuates.


Insert parent example.





For this rider her objectives and reason are very different, but as you can see they are emotionally linked and aligned with her identity as a parent. 


Each of us has a different journey, we are all at different stages of that journey.  What’s great about this exercise is how much understanding can be gained, to help you really find your most powerful why.


Don’t forget to go and get your rider success ebook at www.ridersuccessacademy.com its completely free of charge and it will help you get started with your own success journey.


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