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Knowledge is the first step to confidence and we offer a range of online courses for riders at all levels, from horse care knowledge for young riders through to helping professionals use rider psychology with their own clients.

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Our Mindfulness for Riders course opens its doors this month to help you improve confidence, cope with stress and ditch your riding fears.

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To achieve your goals you need the right resources and support. We support you every step of the way through our courses and the Academy membership providing actionable training & support from equestrian experts.

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Rider Success Action Plan with Goal Setting and Mindfulness tools 

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Ultimate Guide to Buying a Horse -  questions you need to ask when buying a horse

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Rider Fitness | 8 Essential Stretches for all Riders with Physiothe...

A Horse Riders Lockdown Life with Alice Lamming

Riding through pain: Georgia's inspirational story | Podcast #8

The Rider Success Academy is an in-depth resource for riders of all levels, learning is made relevent to a real life horsemanship. The instructors are friendly and make even the most complicated information easily understandable. 

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